5 Tips to Keep Your Trolling Motor Battery in Top Shape


In the event you own a vessel, chances are you’ve obtained a trolling motor. And if you’ve got a trolling motor, it means you’ve also got a trolling motor battery. Taking care of your Lithium Trolling Motor Battery is very important if you want it to final – in the end, a new one isn’t inexpensive. Allow me to share five tips to help you make your trolling motor battery healthful and delighted.

Five Strategies for Handling your Trolling Motor Battery

1.Make it included.

Trolling motor batteries is expensive, and among the finest methods to safeguard your investment would be to make it protected when you’re not utilizing it. A battery protect will shield your battery in the aspects and support it go longer.

2.Retail store it within a amazing, dried up position.

When you’re not making use of your trolling motor, it’s better to store the battery in the awesome, dried out location. Extreme heat or cool can shorten the life of the battery, so avoid holding it in direct sunlight or even a hot vehicle.

3.Look into the electrolyte stage frequently.

The electrolyte levels inside your battery must be inspected on a regular basis to make sure it’s at the correct level. If it’s too lower, include distilled h2o if it’s too much, eliminate a number of the electrolytes using a poultry baster or similar device.

4.Keep the terminals thoroughly clean.

The terminals on your own trolling motor battery have to be kept clean so they can effectively execute electric power. Use a clean made particularly for washing battery terminals (offered at most vehicle parts shops) to take out any deterioration create-up.

5.Cost it routinely.

It’s important to fee your trolling motor battery routinely – although you may don’t use it fairly often – to keep it in good shape. A good guideline is usually to cost it after every 5-10 makes use of, or otherwise once a month in the event you don’t use it frequently.


Taking care of your trolling motor battery doesn’t really need to be tough – just adhere to these several basic ideas and you’ll be on the right path to prolonging the lifespan of your battery.