Doors Through the Ages: How This Common Household Item Has Evolved



Doors are our homes’ most essential—and used for granted—parts. We make use of them every single day, but just how often should we quit to take into account their background or maybe the various pre-existing varieties? Within this post, we’ll appearance much closer at doors from olden days on the current day. Keep reading to learn more!

These doors (Dörrar) have been around for hundreds of years, along with their function has remained largely exactly the same: to provide an entry ways (or exit) position for a composition. But the kind that doors consider has evolved quite a bit after a while. So let’s begin with a few of the earliest doors, should certainly we?

One of the earliest samples of a door-like framework comes from Historical Egypt. Close to 3,500 BCE, Egyptians commenced constructing doors from timber, which was then covered in linens of metal—usually bronze or copper.

Display forward a number of thousand many years to middle ages The european countries. During this time period period, castles have been all the rage (who doesn’t enjoy a great moat?), and doors played an essential position with their defense. Fortress doors were actually made from thicker hardwood and lined with aluminum studs or surges so they are more sturdy—after all, they required in order to stand up to attacks from battering rams!

The Industrial Innovation brought about several alterations, among that has been a heightened interest in consistent items like doors. This directed companies to make bulk-created doors out of resources like window and stainlesss steel. Nonetheless, these newfangled doors weren’t always well-received some individuals apprehensive that they were too flimsy and wouldn’t have the capacity to stand up to fire (a valid problem in the time before flame sprinklers!).

Currently, most doors are made out of timber, even if you can certainly still discover some constructed from window or steel. And while they might not be accustomed to shield against marauding intruders any more, they still provide an essential objective: retaining us secure and safe in our houses.


Doors may well not seem like the most interesting subject matter on earth, but as you have seen, they’ve advanced significantly since their very humble beginnings. When you’re wandering through your house, take a moment to appreciate all the various types of doors that exist—you might be amazed at how much history is concealing behind them!