How collaboration tools (협업툴) are separate from email?


The development of partnership resources (협업툴) will not be expanded optional but needed:

Until now, we’ve depended mainly on email and historical inner-business office webpages for inside-place of work telecommunications necessary for our work. Considering that email and inside-business office webpages have been not well-designed for interior-place of work speak to targets, co-workers have confronted different inconveniences in touch. To settle this, private messengers have been hired at work, but this once again failed to provide a real remedy, only showing much more interconnection company messenger (회사메신저) stations and inefficiency.

Since the work environment style (ie remote control job) has grown and the most dangerous in the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, the training course we operate has changed once again. It is now very important to asset function data while getting qualified to function everywhere, at any time, as well as secure the partition of work-individual life of per employee. As a new office design in accordance with this rapidly altering operate tradition, the development of function cooperation instruments (협업툴) is not expanded recommended but needed. Integrate fragmented organization contact in just one spot, and view the communications of different instruments already employed by each unit and job at a peek. Now could be not time to pause about taking on alliance tools (협업툴).

1- Email and alliance instruments (협업툴)

The inner-place of work bulletin table connected to the groupware tailored for spend handling and email has lots of constraints on inside-place of work touch. Staff who use distinct individual messengers every day are comfortable with fast discussing different information with visitors and emoticons. In development, with all the JANDI partnership tools (협업툴), you may reveal records necessary for the task, preview them without downloading, and then buy and sell comments.

2- Private Messenger and work collaboration equipment (협업툴):

The inner-business office bulletin table connected to the groupware tailored for spend handling and email has several constraints with regards to internal-business office contact. Personnel who use different personal internet pages every day are used to fast sharing distinct data with texts and emoticons. In addition, together with the JANDI alliance equipment (협업툴), you can reveal documents necessary for work, review them without installing, after which business feedback.