Important questions to ask during a consultation with your plastic surgeon


The consultation session with your plastic surgeon is a very important one. It is at this point that you will not only get to know your surgeon well but also understand the options you have. During the consultation, you can also tell whether you are the right candidate for surgery or not. No plastic surgeon should perform any surgery on you before taking you through this crucial session. During the session, there are some important questions that you must equip yourself with. Here are some of them
What anesthesia will you be using?
This is a question that you should never fail to ask your plastic surgeon during consultation. You may not have an idea of the different types of anesthesia but during consultation can be the best chance for you to know. The anesthesia used is always depended on your case but it is very important to know whether the surgeon will be placing you on local or general anesthesia. It is at that point that you should also insist on knowing where the procedure will be performed. This information is very vital as it will be preparing psychologically for what to expect. You will also know about the arrangements to make in advance.
What should I expect in the recovery process?
You should also know what the recovery process would be like. The best surgeon should be transparent about all potential complications and risks that might occur. The surgeon should also inform you about what you should expect in your recovery. The doctor cannot tell you exactly the time you will take to recover but he/she should at least give you a timeline.
What is the cost of the procedure?
Although price is not a very important factor to be considered, you want to make sure that you are settling for a procedure and a surgeon whom you can afford. Knowing about the cost can also help you plan your finances. For more information about safe plastic surgery, visit Dr Leonard Hochstein, a board-certified plastic surgeon.