Some Common Questions Asked Related To Privnote!


Have you ever found yourself needing self-destructing notes which are private in nature and can only be read once and then automatically disappears? I am sure you may have heard about one such as the first (привнот) platform- Privnote, which is one such place where one can easily send and receive the self-destructing notes.
• So What Is It?
It is basically a web service provider which allows its users to send private and highly confidential notes from one end to another. This is a place where notes are being vanished after it is received and read by the receiver.
• Does It Cost Something?
You will be surprised to know that this platform is all free to access by anyone. You don’t have to pay any registration fee or take any subscription. This is the attractive aspect of accessing this platform among the users.
• What Are Self-Destructing Notes?
It is a form of note which automatically destruct after being read by the receiver. This is made in such a way so that the privacy and security can be maintained from both the ends. These notes are made in a digital format which is directly sent via an email through a link.
Once the link is opened and read by the second party, it automatically destructs the message which was present earlier. This happens both at the time of sending and receiving the note by the user and the other party.
So, these are some commonly asked questions from the point of users. It is a straightforward and fundamental concept that can be easily understood by everyone if they start using it for a good purpose. As there are many frauds that take place over the internet, so this platform can save you from becoming a part of one.