The Benefits Of Using A Financial Adviser By Vincent Camarda


If you have a financial adviser, you know how valuable they can be and if you don’t have one, it’s time to think about hiring one.
A Financial Adviser Can Help Manage Risk
Risk management is a key part of financial planning and a good financial adviser will help you identify the right mix of investments to suit your needs, manage your portfolio to reduce risk and make sure that you are on track with meeting your goals.
They Can Help Create A Plan For Your Retirement
A financial adviser like Vincent Camarda can help you set financial goals, determine how much money you need in order to retire comfortably, and decide when it’s best to start taking Social Security benefits.
A good adviser will also find a retirement plan that works best for your situation whether that means investing in stocks or bonds, using an annuity or certificates of deposit, or opening up an IRA account with mutual funds.
They Can Help Save For Your Child’s Education
You may be wondering how a financial adviser can help you save for your child’s education, after all, it’s not as if they would be able to invest the money in their own name or even open up an account on behalf of a minor child.
A 529 plan is an investment vehicle designed specifically for college savings. It allows parents and other contributors to make tax-deferred contributions that are used tax-free when withdrawn by the beneficiary.
The funds can also be withdrawn at any time without penalty if they’re needed for another purpose such as buying a home or paying off debt.
Vincent Camarda If you choose this route, your adviser will work with you to decide whether investing in stocks, bonds or other investment vehicles makes sense given your goals and risk tolerance level and then help arrange everything from setting up an account at an appropriate institution to selecting its underlying investments based on those factors.