The Reality Of Drug Crimes In Korea


Should you be going through medicine criminal activity costs, it is essential that you know what to accomplish – and what to refrain from doing. Medication criminal offenses can have significant penalties, so it is vital that you safeguard oneself by learning the law. With this post, we will go over the dos and don’ts of substance offences. We shall offer a comprehensive help guide to drug punishment (마약처벌) in Korea.

What’s Substance Offense?

Initially, let’s get started with the basic principles. Substance offences are described as any offenses which involve making use, property, generation, or circulation of medicine. This consists of medicine trafficking, medication manufacturing, and substance property. In Korea, drug criminal offenses are punishable by as much as daily life in prison.

Given that we have a fundamental idea of substance crimes let’s discuss the dos and don’ts.

Substance Criminal offenses: DO:

•Employ a legal representative who focuses on medicine crimes.

•Work with the police during the investigation.

•Be honest along with your legal representative about your participation in the criminal offense.

•Comply with all court orders placed and probation demands.

Medicine Offences: DON’T:

•Talk to law enforcement without a legal professional existing.

•Attempt to cover up facts or eliminate proof.

•Rest to the legal professional concerning your engagement in the criminal offense.

•Violate any courtroom orders or probation specifications.

Korean Drug Punishment:

•Possession of drugs: approximately five years in prison or possibly a fine up to 50 million gained.

•Usage of medicines: up to three years in prison or a fine as much as 30 million gained.

•Drug trafficking: imprisonment for a lifetime or even a good up to 100 million received.

•Medication manufacturing: imprisonment for years or even a fine as high as 200 million won.


Medicine criminal offenses are critical offenses that could have severe charges. If you are dealing with drug charges, it is essential to comprehend the rules and take measures to protect oneself. Getting a attorney who specializes in substance criminal offenses, simply being honest together with your legal professional, and cooperating with all the law enforcement through the research are all important activities to do if you are going through substance charges.