Who is a family doctor and what to expect from him?


Family doctor is the doctor who takes care of the health needs and treats the general ailments of your overall family. In case of specific ailments and conditions, he can refer you to the specialist, but in most of the cases, he is the one you would be looking up to when you get sick. A good family doctor does not take care of the ailments that you have, but also guides you about the preventive care through which you will fall sick less and will be able to enjoy a more healthy and better life. Dr Philip Baldeo is one of the best family physicians in town. He is properly qualified experienced and provides a wide array of services for the overall treatment of family members. If you have a doctor from among your family members, you might not need a family doctor from outside, as you can consult him in the hour of need. However, if you do not have any such person available in your family, you should have a family doctor by your side who can guide you about the regular checkupsand can provide you with immediate treatment in case you or your family members get sick.

What to expect from a family doctor?
It is important to learn about the things that you should expect from a family doctor. Only then you will be able to get the right treatment in case you get sick.

• Regular routine checkups – you can get regular checkups from your family doctor, and he can assess if something wrong is happening.
• Acute care for sick visits – When you get sick, your primary family care doctor is the first one to seek help from.
• Immunization – A family doctor will advise you about the immunization services.
• Imaging studies – He is the best resource to get information about the imaging services related to your ailment.